Irresistible Advantages of using the Huawei Account Kit

by Steve Pitzer
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If you have been watching the global tech space for a while now, you may have probably heard of the ban the US placed on the Chinese tech company, Huawei. But this ban brought in an amazing innovation- Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)

This ban was very disruptive because it prevented Huawei from working with American tech companies. For several years, Google has been the soul of many Android smartphones. Google Mobile Services (GMS) came with a lot of popular packages like Google Chrome, Google Map, YouTube, Drive, etc.

This ban meant that Huawei will no longer have access to popular cloud-based services and not include popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. To avert it, Huawei had to come up with a solution, and the only way out was to beat them was to create a competition- the HMS.

The HMS has several kits that enhance open development. It includes Analytics Kit, Account Kit, Push Kit, Safety Detect, Map Kit, etc. We’ll be focusing on Account Kit in this article.

What is a Huawei Account Kit?

The Account Kit aids developers in creating secure, simple, fast, and efficient authorization functions. Once you integrate the account kit, it becomes very easy for users to log into their apps. All they have to do is to input their Huawei ID.

The beautiful thing about this process for developers is that it helps them define their target market and build up a defense against other competitors.

As a developer, the first thing you should be concerned about when creating your app is how to create an easy user-interface, and this is what the Huawei account kit is here to do.

Unfortunately, a lot of developers aren’t utilizing HMS to reap its benefits.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the benefits or advantages of using an account Kit

1. Login takes only one click using the account kit

 If there is a word that perfectly describes the account kit, it’s convenience.

There are lots of apps all over the App Gallery or Play Store, scrambling for user attention. When you finally download the app, you have to go through various authentication and authorization procedures before you can use it.

Huawei’s account kit takes all that stress. Once you integrate this kit, your days of setting passwords, receiving verification messages, or fill in any personal info. All you have to do is login and input your Huawei ID.

Want to know the sweet part?

If a user logs in and out again, there won’t ask for secondary authentication. This process increases the conversion rate dramatically.

2. HMS offers a wide range of audience

As a developer, your app can’t live on an island. As a user, you can’t use one app alone. You need several necessary ones.

The Huawei account kit gives you that platform. By the third quarter of 2019, Huawei phone user base grew to about 570 million people, with the number of active ID users is about 250 million.

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